Install PostgreSQL on Windows

To install PostgreSQL on Windows:

  1. Download and run the Windows PostgreSQL one click installer.
  2. If given the option, install PostgreSQL as a Windows Service. Recent installers install the Windows Service by default.
  3. Keep track of the PostgreSQL Windows Service account name and password. LabKey Server doesn't really care what this password is set to, but we need to ask for it so that we can pass it along to the PostgreSQL installer.
  4. Keep track of the database superuser name and password. You'll need these to configure LabKey Server. LabKey Server uses this password to authenticate itself to PostgreSQL.
  5. Select the PL/pgsql procedural language for installation if prompted by the installer.
  6. We recommend that you install the graphical tool pgAdmin (III or 4, as applicable) for easy database administration. Leave the default settings as they are on the "Installation Options" page to include pgAdmin.
  7. If you have chosen to install pgAdminIII, enable the Adminpack contrib module when prompted by the installer.
  8. Please read the notes below to forestall any difficulties with the PostgreSQL installation.

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