The MS1 Module supports the following:
  • Users may import msInspect "Feature" files to the server via the pipeline. Each file will be imported as a new experiment run.
  • If a corresponding peaks XML file is supplied with the Features file, its contents will also be imported into the database.
  • After import, users can view the set of MS1-specific experiment runs and click the Features link to view the features from a particular run.

The features list is a LabKey query grid, meaning that it supports all the standard sorting, filtering, export, print and customize functionality. The Similar link for each feature allows you to search for similar features.

  • If a corresponding "peaks" XML file was supplied, each feature will also offer two links: one to view the features details; and one to view the peaks that contributed to that feature.
  • The peaks view is another query grid, complete with all the standard functionality.
  • The feature details view displays provided peak information in a series of charts.
Return to the main folder page using the <folder name> link near the top of the page. You may add the MS1 Feature Search web part to the page for additional search functionality.

  • Enter (Admin) > Page Admin Mode**.
  • From the <Select Web Part> dropdown on the bottom left of the page, select MS1 Feature Search and Click Add.
  • Click Exit Admin Mode.
  • The new webpart will look like this:

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