To configure a service request tracker (i.e., subtasks) you need to specify a column within the parent tracker that is the "Service" column. This column does not need to be named "Service", but it will be surfaced in the user interface as a dropdown labeled "Service". The dropdown will be populated with the available services or options. For example, Amino Acid, Titer, etc, in the assay request case. For user documentation of work requests and subtasks, see Workflow.

1. Create an issue tracker or use a pre-existing one. This will track the subtasks and cannot be the same as the parent issue tracker. Go to (Admin) > Go To Module > Issues and click Insert New Row. For detailed docs see Issue Tracker: Administration.

2. Set up a column on the service tracker as a lookup to what your services are. You can create a new column, or use an existing column. For example, the image below shows how to create a lookup to the exp.SampleSets table. This will convert the column into a dropdown populated with sample sets to choose from.

In the case of Assay requests, the column is already provided as the "Assay" column, a preconfigured column to the assay.AssayList table.

3. Go to the Schema Browser ( (Admin) > Developer Links > Schema Browser) and edit the metadata for the service tracker.

4. On the Edit Metadata page click Edit Source at the bottom.

5. You should see a blank text area for editing "XML Metadata". Paste the following, replacing <TRACKER TABLE NAME> and <TRACKER SERVICE COLUMN> with the name of the service tracker table and the name of the service column you setup in step 2.

<tables xmlns=""> 
<table tableName="<TRACKER TABLE NAME>" tableDbType="NOT_IN_DB">
<column columnName="<TRACKER SERVICE COLUMN>">

6. Click Save and Finish to complete the configuration.

7. Now you can create new service requests in Biologics.

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