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An important part of managing non-human primate research data is tracking genetic information such as kinship, pedigree, and breeding information. This information will be displayed on tabs such as Genetics or Pedigree depending on the implementation. LabKey Server uses R libraries to calculate kinship, inbreeding coefficients, and other genetic information used in reports.

Install R Libraries for Kinship Calculation

To install the necessary R libraries for kinship calculation:

  • Your LabKey Server must first be configured to use R.
  • Run R.exe as an administrator.
  • In the R console, run the following commands one by one:
install.packages("kinship2", repos="")
install.packages("getopt", repos="")
install.packages("pedigree", repos="")
install.packages("Rlabkey", repos="")


Documentation of the kinship2 R library is available here:

Documentation of the pedigree R library is available here:

Genetics Algorithms


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