You can create different types of report and chart to view, analyze and display data using a range of visualization tools. These visualizations can be displayed and managed as part of a folder, project or study.

Report and Visualization Types

When viewing a data grid, select Charts > Create Chart menu to open the plot editor and create new:

Use the Reports menu to create: To generate a quick visualization on a given column in a dataset, select an option from the column header: Other types of reports can be created from the Data Views web part in a study: Whether you can create a given type of report or chart depends on the level of access you have to the given folder and data. Which columns are available for plotting may depend on the measure and dimension property for the column:

Manage Visualizations

Open a Saved Visualization

Once saved, visualizations are generated by re-running their associated scripts on live data. You can access a visualization either through the Reports or Charts drop-down menu on the data grid, or directly by clicking on the name in the Data Views web part.

Legacy Visualization Types

These visualization types are still available, but are no longer being actively developed.

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